Anthony Fernandez, an engineer by profession, has been actively promoting the SunSelect concept and fabrics here in the UK since 2003. In our quest to acquire a suntan whilst on holidays has left a great number of our citizen with skin disorders and irreversible skin damage. The quick fix – sunbeds – have led to a lot of deaths and misery to our young and mature adults. Our director has a vision that the “SunSelect” tan through garments are the future to prevent skin problems but still acquire a healthy tan and is striving hard to make the garments more affordable to the public at large.

Mele Fernandez, a music graduate teacher, is the administrative backbone of the team, who keeps all the contract work and sales moving smoothly and with precision.

Lam Sing Sim, a Mechanical graduate and a financial wizard who keeps the company in the pink of financial health and looks at various techniques to offer the best economical solution to our clients, in this – the toughest of trading conditions, that exist.

Melton Fernandez, our IT graduate and guru who looks after our IT networking and security needs. As we enter the age of Cloud technology and various IT technology advances, we are fortunate to have his experience and direction to steer us to greater productivity and better efficiency.